Group Personal Training

Save costs on  personal training by joining a group of no more than four to complete your own individual program that has been written and tailored just for you. Enjoy the feeling of training in a group but know that you are benefiting from a completely personalised program that has been created for your specific goals and needs.


Personal Training  & 
Team Training

Get the Ambition studio to yourself or for your team.
We offer private training where the session is tailored completely for you without any onlookers so you and your coach can concentrate completely on your needs.

Need to get some team sessions in? We offer training to small teams or leadership groups to build and strengthen bonds while working towards a team goal. 

Timetable Classes

Ambition offers small public group classes, these are tailored for all levels of fitness without any pressure to outperform one another.

We offer casual classes as well as 10 class packages.